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Stereotypes in Makeup??!

It’s 2020 and we’ve officially graduated with a PhD from The School Of Makeup Stereotypes, apparently. v Here's the low down on some of the biggest make-up conspiracies+stereotypes that have existed for what seems like EONS. After you're done reading this blogpost, be sure to promptly throw some of that nonsense out of the window, and do what makes you feel good, ALWAYS.  v YOU MUST ENDURE PAIN TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL The world is full of enough pain already, let's not add beauty in the mix. Waxed/threaded/tonged/bleached/lasered or not, you are beautiful. You will continue to be beautiful regardless of your choices to subscribe to none and/or all of these painful processes.  v  WINGED LINER TAKES 20 MINUTES TO PERFECT We got some news for you- it is actually possible to ace a winged liner in under 5 minutes. Just practice, practice, practice.  v ONLY INSECURE INDIVIDUALS WEAR MAKEUP This one doesn’t even deserve our attention. v NEVER PAIR A BOLD LIP WITH A BOLD EYE A huge shout out to the likes of Huda Katan, Rihanna & Troye Sivan for showing us that this is FAR from the truth. Extra or understated, you do you, people. vGLITTER MAKEUP IS FOR KIDS We think this rule was made by people who don't understand the magic of glittery/sparkly makeup. Those that don't understand how it can instantly perk up your mood.  Like have they even heard of uhm.. the #euphoriaedit / every #festivalmakeup EVER?!  v EYEBROWS HAVE TO LOOK IDENTICAL Throwback to one of the greatest memes of 2016- “my eyebrows are sisters, not twins” *Mic drop* v DARK SKIN MUST WEAR LIGHTER FOUNDATION TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL UHM.. Miss us with that BS. Foundation or not, makeup is to make you feel good on the inside and outside. Don’t let any annoying aunty tell you otherwise!  v ________________________________ v If it was possible to write the whole blogpost in caps to make you picture us screaming these things at the top of our lungs we would. But that would mess up our blog's aesthetic. So if you could kindly re-read the whole thing whilst imagining this, it would be much appreciated.   V Agree with us? Let us know in the comments!  v Until next time,  Stay Freequal. Stay curious.