Everything you need to know about Orange Correctors

We all want our foundations and concealers to - stay on forever, mattify but also look dewy, not look sweaty, AND ALSO match us perfectly. While most of these demands are met by most Indian makeup brands, we’re not so sure about “match us perfectly.” But all is not lost!

A must-have in most Makeup Artist’s kits, an orange corrector is probably the fool proof solution you’re looking for in terms of making your base products work well with your skin tone.

What is color correction, you ask?
Colour correction is a technique that involves using products of different colours to cancel out certain other colours i.e. the ones that lie opposite it in the colour wheel. For example, green cancels out red, purple cancels out yellow and orange counters blue. Orange correctors help neutralise any blue and purple tones in your skin and usually these are the areas around your mouth, nose and your under eyes.
How do they work?
One of the biggest challenges for those with brown/dark/deep skin tones is finding the right product that helps conceal dark circles, spots and redness. You may find a product close to your skin tone after thorough research, however there is no guarantee that it will match the different undertones in your skin. If you have been buying base products without considering your undertones, sis, you better start right now!! I mean, have you ever wondered why your concealer looks great under the sun but looks grey under artificial light? NEWS FLASH!! It’s probably because the skin under your eyes has a bit too much of blue-ish, grey undertones that can’t help but peek through.

Now, most Indians have a warm undertone but unfortunately, the current Indian market carries products that favour cooler undertones. And while I’m sure the day that when most indian brands cater to majority of the indian population, is near… for the time being I suggest that instead of buying a hundred products to find the one for you, an orange corrector will help you  add that extra bit of warmth to blue-grey eye bags, smile lines, veins etc. 
How to use orange corrector:
- Prime your skin and apply just enough to cover the desired areas (dark circles, eyelids, around the nose, mouth, dark spots, etc.), anywhere you feel has darkness or needs help concealing.
- A little goes a long way, so add more if you need to. Don’t get carried away. The idea is to apply just enough to add a hue, not so much that it turns your face orange.
- Blend it well using your fingers or a makeup tool like a sponge or a brush.
- Let it sit for a couple minutes to make sure it doesn’t blend with your concealer that comes after. You can even set it slightly with a translucent powder (just a light dusting)
- Follow up with your favourite concealer and voila! When blending the concealer, make sure to use tapping motions rather than swirling ones to ensure that the two colours don’t blend together to look like a badly matched concealer. Think of it as placing the concealer on top of the corrector that is underneath! 
It might seem intimidating but It only takes a little bit of practice.Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to achieve that perfect base that, seemingly, only your dreams are made up of!

Here are a few recs to get you started:
LA Girl Pro Conceal Orange Corrector
Nykaa SKINgenius Conceal & Correct Palette

M.A.C Studio Conceal and Correct Palette

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