free and equal beauty

We at FAE Beauty conceptualise and create beauty products for everyone. We bring to you something real, authentic and unfiltered.


Our images are unedited. We don’t believe in propagating unrealistic beauty standards. We ditched lighting and photoshop tricks so you can see things just as they are.


Our range of products are adaptable to every shade of Indian skin. Formulated and conceptualized to work in warm climates for fantastic color pay-off.

At FAE, we try and rethink the way beauty products are approached from the point of conception, till the stage of manufacturing. We believed that beauty products should be created by individuals that have a pulse on what their users feel, like, prioritise, and care about. We don’t sacrifice on quality ingredients for trendiness/relevance or vice versa, and don’t think one should have to choose between being on trend or being ethical while making a beauty purchase.We promise to keep questioning the idea of beauty as we know it today. We promise to listen to our customers, and bring to you products that you’ve always wished existed. We promise to make your relationship with beauty products a little less daunting for the sceptics, a little more convenient for the unbothered/busy, a little more inclusive for those that feel marginalised/side tracked/ ignored, and a lot more fun for everyone!