For a couple of years now, micellar water has been allll the rage. Replacing makeup wipes/oil-based makeup removers from a lot of our bathroom cabinets. Rightfully so, we’d say. One gentle swipe gets rid of all the glitter eye shadow and thick black track water proof liquid lipstick on our eyes, without us having to apply enough pressure to practically rub our eyes out! 

So why is micellar water really more effective than wipes/other liquid make up removers? Allow us to break it down! (Yes, that was a makeup remove pun in case you wondered)

Simply put, Micellar water contains little spheres called micelles, created by the combining of mild surfactants. These little spheres literally pull away dirt and oil - almost like a magnet, picking up the residue of makeup/dirt/grime as you swipe it over your skin. Because of the ability of these micelles to pull away dirt from the skin, using a cotton ball soaked in micellar water requires much less effort than a makeup wipe or any other makeup remover without micelles in terms of effectiveness while removing makeup. This property makes it easy to get rid of makeup in one, easy swipe. Most micellar waters also contain hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, and  as a result, do not strip away/dry out the skin while cleansing. Furthermore, the reduced amount of pressure required means you aren’t tugging and pulling at your skin, and therefore reducing the chances of causing fine lines and wrinkles on your face. 

Micellar water, due to its nature of being used alongside a piece/ball of cotton, is also more environmentally sustainable than makeup wipes which very often might not be biodegradable! 

Despite its many wonderful and beneficial qualities, Micellar water should not be used as a replacement for a facial cleanser. The product does get left behind on your skin in traces, and it is important to wash it away with a mild, sulfate/soap-free cleanser in order to have a clean slate and maximize the efficacy of the rest of your make up/beauty routines!

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