You might have heard of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, sunscreens, serums and mists. But what is an essence? With the popularity of Korean skincare growing exponentially, we are also seeing/hearing of supposedly new/unfamiliar skincare products - so we thought we’d demystify what we think would be an incredible, and ESSENtial addition to your skincare routine.

Let's get right into it: 

An essence, in the most basic terms, is like a lightweight serum, that prepares your skin for the rest of your skincare routine. Adding an essence to your skincare routine is like adding an extra shot of espresso to your cappuccino - it’s going to amplify the benefits of the products you layer on afterwards. Due to its lightweight nature, it is also easier for the skin to absorb the active ingredients in an essence, allowing for deeper penetration of those good for you ingredients, and ensuring your skin is ready to eat up the moisturizers/serums/oils to follow. 

Sounds simple right? It is! Here’s how to apply an essence. Squeeze out a few pumps on your palms (not on a cotton pad) and press the product into your skin gently, ensuring not to drag/rub it in aggressively. That’s it. A simple step to slide into your skincare routine (after cleansing and toning, before serum or moisturizer) that will pack a very strong punch with the efficacy of your skincare products!

Here are some essences we love: 

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