What even is primer? How does it work? Is priming yet another gimmicky step that is considered, by only a handful, to be CRUCIAL? Let's take a look at all these things and more to understand exactly what Primer is.

Read on and learn the basics of priming your skin! 


What is Primer? 

A primer is one of those amazing products that unites skin care and makeup. Effectively, it looks and feels like a moisturizer, fills in the crevices on the face - like your pores and fine lines, thereby giving your skin a smooth finish, and the perfect canvas for your makeup. 

Primers act as a barrier on your skin, separating your skin care from your makeup. It also helps your makeup stay longer, as well as giving it a more airbrushed look. 

How to use Primer 

Applying primer is as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is apply it right after your skin care routine, and before you start applying your makeup. A little goes a long way, and you can even wear it on its own, without makeup, as it works to smooth out pores and even out the skin. The best part is that you can use your fingers to blend it in, so no tools are required! 


Types of Primer  

Depending on your type of skin, there are different primers. For example, for dry skin, you would want to use a primer that’s thicker, hydrating, with a cream like texture. For oily skin a mattifying primer is the way to go. Illuminating primers for dull and combination skin work perfectly to achieve that lit-from-within glow that we adore. For the more skin-care focused among us, a colour correcting primer is the way to go. 

Apart from your skin type, primers also contribute to the kind of finish that you like from your makeup. Be it a matte, natural, or glowy finish, primers can, and will do it all. Another amazing thing about primer is that you don’t even have to shade match! Since most primers are colourless, they suit all skin tones, without any fuss. 

Here are some of the best primers on the market currently: 

Milani Prime Shield Mattifying Primer

Wet n Wild Dewy Primer

Makeup Forever Radiance Primer

E.l.f Colour Correcting Primer

Like any makeup product, primer is not a must-have, in our humble opinion. If it works well for you, and you like using it, then go for it! If not, no worries! YOU DO YOU, BOO!!

Makeup is extremely personal, and varies from person to person. You can always try out a primer spray, or even just using your moisturiser as a primer. The way you do makeup is entirely your choice.

That's all from us for now! 

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