To Toner or Not To Toner

We saw it fitting to talk about all things toner, considering it is probably the most widely misunderstood skincare step. Here is our take: 

What is it? 

Think of toner as water packed with some extra goodness. And right off the bat, we’d like to mention that what it is not is a makeup remover used to remove excess makeup that your cleanser missed out on.

A great toner delivers quick hydration to the skin to make it plump and balance the skin’s PH level to counteract the striped feeling you might experience post-cleansing. 

When to use it? 

Toners go onto your skin as the first step after cleansing. Its main purpose is to prep your skin for moisturiser, just like primer preps your skin for foundation. 

How to use it? 

While some people like to take the liquid onto their hands and pat it onto their face, some others prefer taking the product on a cotton pad and running the cotton pad over their face. We say you do what works for you! 

Our recs for toners: 

Face shop rice and ceramide toner for dry skin
Dr.Sheth’s gulab and glycolic toner for acne prone skin
Avene thermal spring water spray for all skin types 

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