Our Instagram feeds have recently been bombarded with posts about a cream that promises the hydrate, lift, smoothen, and brings back the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Nothing out of the ordinary here, we thought, just another viral face cream that’s taking the internet by storm - WRONG! The product in question wasn't a cream for you face, but one for your ahem...derrière. 
Yep, you read that right. A bum cream, one that claims to give you a ‘beach-ready butt’ - whatever that might mean. In addition to all the expectations around physical appearance individuals are expected to adhere to - here was another one we didn't think we needed. But the beauty junkies in us decided to pull the plug, order the product, and see just what the hype was about. Maybe even get a little chuckle out of using a cream to ‘enhance’ our buttocks. LOL, we thought. This should be interesting. 

The cream in question arrived in its beautiful bright yellow packaging and truly smelled like heaven in a jar. We were beginning to understand why the product had gone viral and took it to the test. Despite our scepticism around the need/effectiveness of a product like this, we were sold. The product gave us smooth, supple skin and the incredible smell pushed us to use the product not just where it was supposed to be, but on our dry AF elbows, knees, and anywhere else that needed a little hydration.  

We’ll admit, we were initially judgmental about the product and the propaganda of having a ‘perfect butt’ but we’re happy to report that using the product led us to a different epiphany all together. While we can’t comment on the ‘need’ for this product, we will say that the daily ritual of using the incredible smelling, extremely nourishing cream, just made us feel good about ourselves, a little more connected to our bodies through the ritual of caring the dry/rough/ignored bits and pieces, and that’s what ‘beauty’ should be about right? Even if it means slathering on cream on your derriere.

Conclusion: we’re bum cream converts for life.

Until our next experiment, 
Stay curious. Stay #freequal.

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