5 of the biggest skincare mistakes!

Diving right into it since the title is pretty self-explanatory…

  • Freaking out about a breakout and applying or doing too many things on your skin at the same time 
  • We get it! Dealing with a breakout that has seemingly appeared out of now where is hard! But Doing too many things, especially applying too many actives on your skin at the same time, will only make things worse. Give your skin some time to heal itself every now and then. More bare skin days (yes minus skincare too) can actually help your skin!

  • Waiting too long to get professional help
  • It’s super easy these day’s to do a quick google search or to message someone who blogs about skincare on Instagram about your skin woes. But sometimes when you avoid going to the doctor and postpone it, it may actually make matters worse. 

    If your skin is dealing with something complex that you haven’t experienced before, it’s always best to approach your doctor ASAP. 

  • Ignoring your neck 
  • A lot of people (including us when we’re being lazy) forget to apply our skincare products on our neck + décolletage. While this may not have the biggest impact right now, in the long run, your neck will reveal all your secrets (and mistakes). So be sure not to miss your neck. 


  • Incorrect use of exfoliators/retinoids etc
  • With skin, what works for one of us may not work for the other. Like my mother wears by a local soap for her face as she has been doing this for more than 2 decades. If I were to do the same, it would dry out my skin. Likewise, following somebody else’s advice on using physical exfoliators/retinoids/face oils/literally any other skincare hack or treatment should be a big NO. 

    Always do your research and introduce ingredients into your skin the right way! 

  • Thinking that SPF in makeup is the same as using a sunscreen 
  • SPF in makeup is not the same as using an actual sunscreen. Need we say more? 

    Comment “Guilty as charged” down below if you’re guilty of doing any of these during your past skincare newbie days. 

    Until next time, 

    Stay curious. Stay #freequal

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