Brash - a hair filler that works for brows, lashes AND beards? No way that’s awesome! But, how can I use it to fill in my beard and bald spots, you ask? We’re going to break it down for you in DETAIL:

Take any side of the wand you feel most comfortable with (Brash has two sides to the wand - a longer side and a short side), and comb through your beard. Doing this will give the appearance of a fuller, more defined looking beard/hair line. If you feel like you applied too much, you can always wipe it away or brush it out with a clean fine toothed comb.

NOTE: Brash works the exact same way if you have greying or longer (facial) hair.

ALSOOOO Brash is buildable -  which means that you can control the intensity of the product by applying more or less to the desired area. Apply more for a darker, more defined look and lesser for a more subtle, natural look - it’s that easy!

And it doesn’t stop there - One of the best parts about Brash is that it comes in three different shades- Jet Black, Charcoal Black and Dark Brown, so you can choose the one you think will suit your beard the best! If you’re confused about which color to pick, choose one that’s closer to your hair colour. 

  • Pick Dark Brown if you want a subtle colour - it goes really well with “natural” hair colours such as Black, Dark Brown, Reds, etc. 
  • Get yourself Charcoal Black if you want a cool toned colour that’s just a bit darker than brown, or if you have brightly coloured hair like blue, green or pink. 
  • Choose Jet Black if you want the appearance of a classic, well groomed beard, with a naturally deep colour

Now that we’ve got our bases covered, here are some FAQ answered -  because we know you might be thinking it:

  1. How long will Brash last?
    Brash is sweat proof so it stays on as long as you wash it off or wipe it off. We even put brash to the test. Here’s proof: 
  2. Isn’t this product for women?
    Brash was formulated to be used by individuals regardless of their gender. So while you might think that it is only for makeup-seasoned women, it could not be further from the truth. Follow the steps mentioned above and it should work, whether you use it for your beard or your lashes!
  3. Will my beard get hard?
    No, Brash’s formula is fluid and wet which helps to avoid that crusty feeling of having applied something on your hair. Trust us, it doesn’t even feel like a hair gel!
  4. How do I remove the product?
    Since Brash is not a waterproof product, it washes off easily under warm water. So it comes off when you have a shower, with a little help from some facewash.
  5. Will it be noticeable?
    Yes, but only in the best and right way! It won’t look stark or draw too much attention, neither will it look like you are wearing a product on your beard - but it might get a few compliments and questions about your new beard/hair care routine. ;) Here are some before and afters for your reference: 

We hope this helped! Let us know in the comments if it did or if you have any questions 

Until next time!
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