A for Alpha-Arbutin

In a dilemma about hydroquinone because of it’s negative side effects? Say hello to Alpha-arbutin. 
What is it? 
Alpha-arbutin is a less known, natural ingredient that works extremely well at combating uneven skin tone and treating pigmentation that occurs as a result of acne or sun damage. In contrast to Hydroquinone’s harmful bleaching effect, alpha-arbutin has the same impact by naturally reducing melanin production in the skin. It’s also a better ingredient to add to your routine as it is much gentler and than other skin brighteners like retinols! 
How do I use it? 
Alpha Arbutin works well on it’s on all skin types and can be use both day and night before moisturiser. It also works even better when applied alongside Vitamin C or with Hyaluronic acid or after chemical exfoliation with an AHA (the latter two aid in the absorption of alpha-arbutin). There are no known negative interactions with other skincare ingredients, so for the most part, alpha-arbutin is safe to use in conjecture with other products in your routine. 
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