Quarantine and Chill

Never did we expect that something as microscopic as a virus would wreak havoc on our world and necessitate all of us to work from home. As much as this is sad and unfortunate, we’re also in the mood to stay positive and do things from the comfort of our homes that can make us feel relaxed, zen and most importantly keep us busy. 

So here is our list of things to do when you’re under “quarantine and chill” -  

  • Marie Kondo your closet/makeup drawer 
  • Wash your brushes and beauty sponges (a simple mix of baby shampoo/hand wash and water is great as a soap for this purpose)
  • Clean areas of your house that have been ignored and left to deal with at some other time (like that junk drawer that we know you have!) 
  • Give yourself an oil massage and wash your hair 
  • Paint your nails 
  • Do some experimentation with makeup 
  • Facemask 
  • If you have a younger sibling, it’s time to steal their crayons/colour pencils and colour a mandala or a colouring page (you can find free printables online) 
  • Board games with your roommate/family 
  • Try making a smoothie/dish you know you love 
  • Take a long shower and scrub your whole body (DIY body scrub with olive oil and coffee grounds or sugar) 
  • Put together outfits for when you can go out and enjoy life again 
  • Facetime/call and check in with your friends/family 
  • Workout from home (Toneitup is offering 30 days of free membership for home workouts) 
  • Bake (if you have the ingredients) 
  • Practice singing 
  • Learn the moves to your favourite song from youtube videos
  • Try and take aesthetic pictures of nooks and things in your house 
  • Make a Spotify playlist for when you can commute again 
  • Netflix and chill a new tv series that you haven’t had time to get into 
  • Read the book that you’ve been avoiding under the pretext of having no time to do so 
  • Do your laundry
  • Go for a run (alone!) with poping music or an informative podcast 
  • Meditate and light an incense stick or two (Headspace/Calm are great apps to get into) 
  • Paint - it’s extremely therapeutic 
  • Watch a gripping documentary 
  • Find new Youtube channels to obsess over 

We know this is quite an exhaustive list. It’s because we’re determined to not feel alone and sad when being self-isolated - and wanted to make sure our community doesn’t either. 

Stay safe. Stay #freequal. 

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