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What it is: Introducing, the 10 on 10 Gift box - Soft Glam Edit

A specially curated set of products in our most intricately and thoughtfully designed gift box yet. 

With festive season upon us, we thought it would be fitting to curate a box of products to ensure you always feel like a 10 - its contents are perfect for when you want a quick and easy set of products to get ready for a function,a night out, a party, or just to feel yourself a little extra on a Saturday night at home.

The Soft Glam Kit: 
Our newest kit -  this box is perfect for when you want a softglam look. The kit contains our hydrating and barrier-strengthening Basic Skin Stick that can be used as a primer step, a Lip Whip, for 12H long-lasting wear, and a gloss to make everything look a little extra glazed. This kit also makes a wonderful gift for bridesmaids/besties/yourself!

  • One Basic Skin Stick - a serum stick to reduce redness, dullness, hydrate, and strengthen the skin's barrier
  • One Lip Whip - Lip Whip is a mousey, rich, 12H long-wear liquid matte lipstick that screams comfort.
  • One Glaws Gloss - non-sticky, buildable, multi-use gloss in a unique roller ball pen

How to use: GLAWS GLOSS comes in a unique, first-of-its-kind clickable rollerball pen, which means there's a bit of a learning curve with using the product. Here’s how we recommend you go about it:

    • Step 1: Shake Shake Shakeeee the hell out of your pen. This is important to make sure the glitter in the product is well dispersed for maxx efficacy

    • Step 2: Click Click the back of the pen, and watch GLAWS GLOSS OOZE onto the rollerball. Wait a few seconds between every few clicks to allow the product to actually flow out, or you'll end up as a hot, glossy mess - although we don’t think that would be terrible tbh ;)

    • Step 3: Let's Roll - Roll on the product onto your area of choice, be sure to apply a little bit of pressure as you do so. The formula is THICK, so needs some pressure to get the (roller) ball moving - much like a lot of great things in life. (see what we did there?)

What's the shade range like? Glaws Gloss comes in a variety of shades ranging from opaque, sheer, and glittery! Chose from the shades below!

Sizzling - A Cherry Red Translucent Gloss
Rising - A Magenta Berry Translucent Gloss
Blossoming - A Pale Pink Gloss
Soaring - A Nude Brown Opaque Gloss
Belonging - A Peach Brown Opaque Gloss
Emerging - A Rose Gold Shimmer Gloss
Transforming - A Unicorn Shimmer Gloss
Becoming - A Bronze Gold Shimmer Gloss
Glistening - A Clear Gloss
Gleaming - A Champagne Rose Gold Gloss
Serving - A Yummy Deep Brown Opaque Gloss
Living - A Versatile Rosewood Pink Gloss
Giving - A Warm, Flattering Pink Gloss
Flexing - A Peach-Tinted Sheer Gloss

Lip Whip 
is a mousey, rich, 12H long-wear liquid matte lipstick that screams comfort. Its smooth, velvety texture ensures you get the benefits of a long-lasting liquid lipstick while feeling so comfortable, you'll forget you have anything on.

How to use: Swirl the wand inside the tube to ensure you are picking up enough product. Use the precise applicator to apply a generous coat of lip whip on your lips and allow it to dry for 60 seconds. Enjoy the comfortable, matte formula and re-apply as needed


What's the shade range like? Lip Whip comes in a range of versatile nudes. There's something for every skin tone here - from peachy, pinky nudes, to caramelly, chocolatey nudes.

Bang - A Nude Rose Pink
Wet - A Warm Blush Pink
Edge - A Warm Rouge Pink
Screw - A Rosewood Brown
Cherry - A Warm Berry Pink
Cuff - A Cold Nude Brown
Buns - A Cold Mocha Brown
Safeword - A Warm Cinnamon Brown
Nut - A Warm Chocolate Brown
Stroke - A Cold Espresso Brown
Bone - A Cold Caramel Brown 
Peach - A Warm Coral Brown 
Grind - A Warm Pecan Brown 
Dare - A Warm Rusty Brown 
Ride - A Warm Gingerbread Brown 
Thirsty - A Warm Brick Brown 
Strap - A Cold Stone Brown 
Slip - A Warm Plum Nude 
Lucky - A Warm Rosewood Pink 
Tempt - A Warm Mahogany 

Basic Skinstick
is a one-of-a-kind serum-in-stick format to protect, hydrate, and soothe your skin. No stickiness, no mess. Super easy to use. A roll-on serum stick made for everyone

Why it’s special:

  • Basic Skinstick is a unique blend of barrier repairing and anti-inflammatory ingredients - Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Probiotics, and Squalane. 
  • Its unique formula helps your other skincare products work better by strengthening and balancing your skin’s microbiome and barrier function. 
  • It feels cooling upon application and is easy and convenient to carry around + use at different points during the day. 
  • It is a non-greasy, lightweight, hydrating, natural finish (neither matte nor dewy) and leaves your skin feeling quenched.

Who it's for:

  • All skin types, genders, age groups, body parts. But also skincare noobs, and nerds alike - this product should be a bare necessity for everyone.

How to use: Simply roll the product onto your face (or other areas of your body). Wait about 15 seconds before layering on other products. 


Best before 24 months from Mfd

Customer Reviews

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Nisha Nandwani
All you need is these 3 products in your kit and you are gold !!

When Fae Beauty first hit the market, I instantly ordered their Brash Mascara and Glaws Gloss, from their packaging to their formula, it was really what I was looking for, especially the Glaws Gloss that I instantly fell in love with, it was like nothing else. Recently, I decided to try some more of their products out of curiosity, and I was pleasantly surprised. The Basic Skinstick felt amazing on my skin, leaving it feeling refreshed, calm & cooling. Oh and now, let me tell you about the Lip Whips - they come in variety of indian skin friendly shades, they quickly became my go-to lip product, giving Glaws Gloss a run for its money ;). Their airy, matte velvety finish keeps my lips hydrated all day and its super long lasting. Now I have at least one shade of their lip whips in my bag every-time I step out of the house because its so easy to just drop it in your bag, & super lightweight. I am already looking at trying out some more shades, and can't wait to see what else Fae Beauty has in store. Way to go guys!! Totally in love with your brand.

First time experiencing Faeskin+Lip whips!

A few years back when Fae beauty launched, I used their Glaws Gloss and it had always been like no other, and this time, decided to try out Basic Skinstick and their lipwhip, boy, I was in for a treat. The serum skinstick dries quickly, leaving the skin refreshed and it calms my skin alot! Lip Whips literally became my new favourite lip product other then Glaws Gloss! They dry matte but leave a soft finishing that always hydrates my lips, already on my way to order more!

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