No BS Cleanser

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What it isThe cleanser of your dreams. Creamy, effective, non-stripping, and hydrating - a cleanser that works for everyone. Enriched with cucumber and cantaloupe extract this cleanser is dermatologically tested, fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, essential oil-free, cruelty-free and vegan. No fluff, no BS, just cleanser

Why it’s special:

  • The NO BS Cleanser effectively removes the dirt, grime, and remnants of any makeup from the day

  • It hydrates your skin - this won't leave your skin feeling tight or dry, but it'll still give you that squeaky clean, satisfying post-wash feeling

Who it's for:

  • All skin types - but also skincare noobs, and nerds alike - this product should be a bare necessity for everyone

How to use:

  • On wet skin, apply a pump (or two) of face wash until it foams up and rinses off. Pat dry with the a face towel 

When to use:

  • AM & PM - the No BS cleanser is gentle enough to be used every day, multiple times a day!

How much to use:

  • A pump of product the size of a mentos candy

PSA: We recommend patch testing all skincare products on your arm or neck 24 hours before using. Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct contact with eyes. Rinse immediately if the product gets into the eyes, contact a medical professional if irritation persists.

For external use only. 

Keep out of reach of children.

Best before 24 months from Mfd


Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
a good gentle cleaser

on the lower spectrum in terms of foaming, but a good cleanser, especially when my skin is feeling dry or irritated.

Truly No BS

One of my favourite gentle cleansers. Goes perfectly in my AM ROUTINE💕 The fact that this foams well makes me use this over other gentle cleansers✌️🫡

So gentle non stripping

Clease so well and I love it so much gentle and just perfect cleanser. Literally it is a gem.

Loved the Cleanser

I was looking for a gentle non foaming cleanser and this was just that. It's perfect to use part of your AM and PM routine. Doesn't overly strip your face or make it feel dry. Also works well as the 2nd step in your double cleansing routine.
I have combination skin, and it works well for my skin. Didn't notice any break outs or other side effects. 10/10 would recommend and would re purchase as well.

BEST part - it doesn't sting up my eyes at all, so I don't have to worry or be careful when I am cleaning around the eye area.

Note. It can foam up slightly if you use a lot which is not a problem, just thought I'd mention it.

Vartika Saxena

No BS Cleanser

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