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Here's a collection of shelfies along with detailed guides to skin care routines from around the country. We worked with a diverse group of individuals and content creators to crowd source this information about what products they swear by - each individual might have a different priority from their skin care routines. While some might value minimalism, others might value convenience, and others sustainability. Every one has a different formula, and we hope this series proves informative for those of you trying to figure yours out - and remember, every individual is different, what might work for one might not for another, so do not feel the need to confine to the idea that more products = better skin - you do you, whatever that might be! OTT, or minimalist, or somewhere in between. Just make sure to enjoy it!
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There are definitely quite a few products because it took a lot of experimentation before I figured out a routine that really works for my skin. My skin is on the drier side, while also being sensitive and acne prone. Because of this, I try to have a consistent diet and skincare routine.


1. Cold water cleanse or cleansing with a very gentle cleanser if I've done an overnight mask.

2. Toner: this is my favorite step because I genuinely believe this is what really helped change my skin. In the mornings I prefer a hydrating toner like the the Benton aloe bha or the COSRX snail mucin.

3. Serum: something which targets my pigmentation. i alternate between the Klairs Vitamin C serum or The Ordinary's Alpha Arbutin. 

4. Sunscreen: I've begun to skip the moisturizer in my morning routine because my sunscreen is sufficient for both sun protection and moisturization. I've been loving the Purito centella green level safe sun. 

Night time:

1. Double cleanse with a cleansing balm followed by a gentle water based cleanser (Farmacy green clean + Youth to the People superfood cleanser)

2. Toner: during the night I I something that is more exfoliating or brightening like the Good Molecules Niacinamide toner or the Acwell licorice toner. 

3. Eye cream

4. Serum: The Ordinary's niacinamide serum has been a gamechanger. I can actually see my skin become dull when I skip this for a few days. 

5. Moisturizer: I'm not particularly loyal to any one moisturizer, as long as it helps calm my skin and keep it moist, it works. 

6. Overnight mask / facial oil: On days when my skin needs a little extra attention. 

This might seem extensive but skincare is also more of a self care journey to me. It's the time of day which is solely mine and I enjoy this process so much.

-Kanchan Rao | @kanchanrao


Cleanser: Banish All Clear Mint Cleanser-I use this cleanser every day for a more gentle cleanse that doesn’t strip the skin but gets the job done.

TonerBanish Vitamin C Beauty Elixir Spray-I swear by this product for treating hyper pigmentation! provides a slight peppermint smell that just wakes you up in the morning.

MoisturiserBanish Vitamin C Creme and Banish Oil- Both of these are my absolute favourite! They provide just the perfect amount of hydration for my oily skin, and I always wake up with brighter and glowy skin than when I slept!

Treatment: Banish Pumpkin Enzyme Masque, Banish Fighter Gel & Banish Stick-I like to exfoliate my skin pretty regularly to help reduce my hyperpigmentation and control my acne.I use the pumpkin enzyme masque twice a week for around 30 minutes each time, and I’m always left with soft skin after! To treat those lil zits that decide to pop up, I dab on a little Fighter Gel to help calm the inflammation.If I ever need some extra pampering and help in lymphatic drainage, or to further push my moisturiser into my skin, I will use the Banish stick.

Sun ProtectionLa Roche Posay Anthelios Clear Skin SPF60 & Murad Oil and Pore Control Mattifier Sunscreen- I like to interchange these sunscreens depending on my skin AND PLEASE REAPPLY YOUR SUNSCREEN EVERY 3 HOURS that you are outside! I try to use sunscreens that are SPF50+ for longer use - and that’s it! that’s my skincare routine!

if you ever wanna try Banish, you can click the link in my bio and use my code “MEGHA” for $5 off!

- Megha Kamath | @meghamazing

My Beauty regime has always been super minimal.I use only Plant Based and Cruelty free products..

Im a huge fan of Rose Water - I use Kama Ayurveda Rose water as a toner post Bath. I wait about 20mins n drop some Vaunt Vitamin C water over my face n neck.

Next in , If I'm heading out, I Use Ruby's Organics Skin Tint Foundation (light to medium) and mix it in with the Hydrating Day cream from Botanics. Botanics Hydrating day Cream and Klairs Rich Moist Soothing cream is what I kind of shift between for face moisturizers.

Once home for the day, I remove my makeup with BioDerma Sensibio H2o..I wash my face n neck with Rice Water Bright, foaming Cleanser from The Face Shop or the Coconut Sugar Scrub from Palmers.

I love Body Scrubs, my current favourite is the Bare Necessities Coffee Scrub, iv added a flower infused oil to it for that lil extra.....Another favourite is the Forrest Essentials Sea Salt Body Polisher in Crystal Rose..Iv recently switched to locally made Soaps from Bare Necessities as the are a zero waste company..

The Body Moisturisers I use are Coconut Oil Body Butter by Palmer's and Amritam coco loco Moisturising Oil.

Before Bed I gently cleanse with water n apply either the Overnight Facial Oil by Botanics Or the Date n Litchi Eternal Youth formula by Forest Essentials.At the moment during lockdown, all I do is spray my face n neck with rose water (through out the day if needed) and depending how my skin's feeling I either moisturize or let it breathe..

-Aesha Merchant | @aeshy

I like to keep my AM routine simple. I start my day with the CosRx Good Morning Cleanser, then proceed with Purito Centella Unscented Serum, it is an amazing hydrating serum. For the third step I apply Bakuchiol and finally Purito’s Green Level Sunscreen.

For PM, I go in with the Dr Sheth’s Cleansing Oil, it is a great cleanser and usually does not need a second cleanse, but on some days I go in with Dr Sheth’s Daily Cleanser as my second cleanse. For toner I am currently using Dr Sheth’s Gulab & Glycolic Toner. Followed by Pure Bubbles DeGrease Gel and Qurez Bakuchiol. I also use Argan Oil by YBP for my lips and undereye, I missed including that in the photo though. 

- Khadija | @beautyanomaly 

Summer skin routine 

Living in Mumbai summer can be pretty hot and the humidity that adds to it, So I like to keep my routine as hydrating and simple as possible ! Here are my favourite products for summer 

  1. Klairs soothing serum - Provides hydration and soothes skin from the hot weather at the same time ! Plus being a gel serum it’s very lightweight and great for all skin types .

  2. The Ordinary HA moisturiser - The best part of living in humid weather is being able to use hyaluronic acid without any worries. This lightweight yet hydrating formula with no essential oils or fragrance is definitely one of my all time favourite product.

  3. Shiseido UV protector - This sunscreen has the most airy formula ever and literally invisible once on ! Great for summers and definitely not sticky ~ 
    Apart from this I also do clay mask (any clay) and Aloe mask is a must

-Neil Chaube | @thecookiecorner

"My skincare is a little extensive as I've been following the Korean skincare routine for 3 years now! It feels really good for me to follow all the steps, I'm excited to talk about my routine! I have normal to combinational skin type, gets a little sensitive in summer! I use Innisfree Green tea cleansing oil & Cosrx LOW PH cleanser for the double cleansing routine & I believe its an essential part of anyone's routine! It makes skin soo clean & ready for rest of the steps! The duo won't dry out my skin & hence I love them both! To prep my skin, I use Neemli rose water which is very very relaxing as well. Next step is the serum - Innisfree green tea seed serum works soo well to even out skin tone & hydrate it. Next up is the moisturizer, I have been using emolene for a month now & it's the most light weight moisturizer I have ever tried! I wouldnt need a heavier moisturizer in summer so this is just perfect for me! Next is YBP skin salve to calm the trouble areas - I use this step thrice a week/whenever my skin needs it. Other days, I use YBP argan oil. For under eye - I use Ordinary caffeine solution which works for puffiness & darkness! I'll end it by applying glossier lip balm/Victoria secret minty lip gloss! I absolutely love them both! I missed capturing my sunscreen - but I use it for sure everyday - it is Cosrx Aloe sun cream! For the weekly routine - I use Cosrx bha & a clay mask/ glossier moon mask to deep pore cleanse once a week! This has been my favorite routine for quite some time now & I switch products based on skin's condition"

- Madhuri Sarita | @skinslayerblog

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