If you have curly hair, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Curly Girl Method at some point. It is also popularly known as the CG Method. It involves eliminating damaging ingredients and techniques in your routine to maintain and restore curl pattern and to lock in moisture for bouncy hydrated curls.

The CG Method can seem very confusing and complicated because of the ocean of information that’s out there especially if you’re just starting out. Here are 5 ways to nudge your way slowly into the CG Method:

  1.       Do not brush your hair dry!

CG Method or not, brushing your curly hair dry is a huge no! Curly hair is usually dry, frizzy and damaged so if brushing your hair dry causes friction leading to hair breakage or hair loss. Also, loads of frizzzz. So it’s highly recommended to use a hair mask or oil before brushing out the knots. You can also brush out your hair in the shower after applying the conditioner.

  1.       Conditioner is life!

If you don’t use a conditioner, you’re missing out! No seriously, you’re missing out on all the moisture and hydration you should be giving your hair regardless of what hair type you have. But in the case of curly hair, conditioner is KEY to healthy hair. Like I said earlier, curly hair is usually super dry and damaged that requires a lot of love and care for healthy hair. Use at least 3-4 pumps of conditioner, apply it through the lengths of your hair and leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off.

  1.       Say no to tight hair ties!

Tight hair bands, ties and elastics can seem like they’re not doing much damage, but they actually cause a lot of stress for your hair leading to breakage and tight knots. So it’s recommended to use scrunchies preferably silk ones since they’re much lighter on the hair.

  1.       Scalp Massages

Just a 5 minute massage everyday can increase blood flow to your scalp thereby increasing hair growth. No, you don't have to dunk your hair in oil for a scalp massage. Just tilt your head down and massage your head for a couple minutes everyday. Many curlies have said that scalp massages have helped curls become much healthier. 

  1.     SLS freeeee

It’s not necessary to completely switch your products to CG-friendly ones in the initial stages, you can definitely start off by switching to a Sulphate-free shampoo for regular use. Sulphates strip your hair from moisture and oils so if you’re using a shampoo with suplhates on the daily, it can lead to hair loss, limp curls, etc. You can use a sulphate -free shampoo for regular use and shampoo with sulphate once/twice a month. 

I hope this helps you work out your CG routine.That’s all for today!
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