For those of you who like to cook, we’re sure you're familiar with the term basting. Essentially, it is the technique of pouring fat over a roast in order to make it more moist. But what does this have to do with makeup/skin care you ask? Well you’re about to learn about the magical benefits of basting your lips.

We were first introduced to this technique by the very endearing, very funny, and VERY real Dr Shereen Idris, and after trying it at our HQ for months, we’re pleased to report that this technique, albeit a bit strange looking, is the answer to all your chapped/dry lip related issues! Here’s the down low - 

What lip basting entails is essentially applying an obnoxiously thick layer of an extremely rich moisturiser to your lips, almost as if you were ‘basting’ them - yes, your lips will look as chalky white as ever, but bare with it. After applying your favourite moisturiser generously onto your lips, proceed with the rest of your make up/skin care routine as usual. During this time, the once thick, opaque moisturiser will literally melt into your lips, and by the time you're done with you’re make up/skin care routine, most of the product soaks into your lips. Now, if you’ve done this in the morning while getting ready for work, you can grab a paper towel and dab off the excess moisture from your lips, apply lip balm on top of your freshly basted lips to lock in all that moisture and you’re good to go! 

If you’ve chosen to baste at night, leave the product on, and just head to bed, you’ll wake up with heavily moisturised, pillow soft lips. 

That’s it! A super easy, super economical hack to get extremely nourished lips. Here our some of our favourite basting moisturisers 

Embryolisse Lait Cream Concentrate

Weleda Skin Food 

Nivea Cream

Belif Moisture Bomb 

Untill next time, 
Stay curious. Stay Freequal. 

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