If you know me, you know I’m a strong believer of Lash Primers so I knew we simply HAD to make a Brash Primer. So as someone whose goal is to make lash primers an everyday makeup necessity, here’s my attempt at breaking it down and convincing you that you NEED it to.

First, let’s get the basics out of the way:
What is it?
It's a base coat for your lashes, that goes on before your mascara. ⁠Kind of like how face primers work, they prepare your lashes for what comes next.

Why do I need it?
Because it adds a whole new meaning to the words "voluminous lashes." No lie!! Also you know how sometimes you feel like your mascara is a bit too harsh for your delicate lashes? A lash primer makes your mascara a bit more gentle on the lashes too. Which means it’s really easy to remove it as well.

Is it waterproof? No, it isn't.

Who is it meant for? Anyone that wants to add oomph to their lashes or have lashes that lack a natural curl! ⁠

How do I use it? Swirl the wand inside the tube to get enough product and apply it on your lashes. Make sure to wiggle it in between your lashes to cover every single lash as well. Follow it up with a mascara (ideally Brash)⁠

What's the price of Brash Primer? INR 499/- AND you get a free Brash tote!

Next, let me prove to you that BrashPrimer really works and honestly seeing is believing so here’s a picture that will speak louder than words:

If you still don’t believe me, you simply have to try it to become a convert. Here’s a link to make your life easier:

That’s pretty much it. Until next time, 

Stay curious. Stay #freequal

By: Shalini Kutti 

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