NGL, we’re all pretty obsessed with our gloss except those awfully sticky ones. No one likes that, they’re like the Ross of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Our collective gloss craze actually began all the way back in the twentieth century. So, before the perfect concoction of GLAWS that we have today (not so subtle flex),  there were many trials, attempts, a few successes, and of course a few mess-ups. Let’s recap and take a trip down memory lane. 


Gloss was born in 1930 in the hands of the legendary MUA, Max Factor. Back then, there were only black & white films produced (yeah, gloss is a boomer). Therefore, the glamour and mystique of the film industry were severely restricted by the almost invisible makeup on the actors’ and actresses’ faces. Factor knew that the cinematic industry needed that extra pizzazz! So, he created gloss to give that glassy, polished aesthetic and that oomph Factor (do you see what I did there, never mind, I’m lame I know). BTW, he named his first commercially available lip gloss X-rated and that too in the early twentieth century because even in black and white, gloss was considered uber sexual. 


Let’s fast forward a couple of decades to when lip smackers entered the gloss scene and made glosses more approachable and suitable for the juvenile among us.  Being directly aimed at pre-teens, it was simple, moisturizing, and undeniably a flavor BOMB. There was a wide range of choices from Strawberry, Fanta to Bacon (Like yum, but what even?). We can definitely say 1972 was a WIIILD year!


The popularity of lip gloss rose in the 90’s boom. The Charlie’s Angels were one of the first to bless us with their lustrous lips and may I say our wigs were snatched. Afterwhich, almost every celebrity from Britney Spears, Paris Hilton to Beyonce hopped on the trend and added a touch of shimmer to their juicy lips. Okay, “a touch” is an understatement, their lips were soaked in gloss. Thank god for Minimalism. Back then, customers had common complaints that their gloss was too sticky, too messy, or just too chaotic. Eventually, for a bit, gloss lost its charm. However, 2021 is all about going Back To The Future (finally, a reference Gen-Z won’t understand). Ariana Grande’s Thank You Next album brought back the 90’s nostalgia and here we are living for the new, improved formulas that give us that natural glassy sheen without the gloopy and sloppy consistency.

Since it’s first invention and until today, gloss has always been put into one of two categories. Either a hyper sexualised gloss targeting older women or an ultra juvenile, fun gloss targeting teens. With our launch of GLAWS gloss, the main intention was to make gloss fun, sexy and easy to use at the same time. A gloss for those of us in the middle, who were still transforming, becoming, and emerging.While we can identify gloss as merely a cosmetic product, it is much much more. It is a confidence builder, conversation starter, morale booster and everything you make of it. It is YOU. 


Well, as we can see, gloss has been through a lot (*cries in Gucci*). From a juvenile gloss to a sexy gloss and now finally to an inclusive gloss. Who knows what gloss will be next? Why? Because just like us, gloss never stops changing, growing, and progressing - it is always in transition. Okay, now I’m done with my TED Talk. 


We hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog! Let us know in the comments if the Bacon flavoured gloss left you saying WTF or if you’re here for it (no judgement there.. ok maybe a little). Also, do ask us any questions you have, we love answering them <3

Until next time! 

Stay curious. Stay #freequal


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