Gender Fluidity Feels Like…

A Theory: 
When opposites attract, something new is born - something completely unrecognisable and made for worlds we don’t yet know of. That’s the power of the non-binary to me: it’s the embodiment of individuality. As someone who loves freedom and hates change, you realise adapting to change is all you can do to be free. 
Looking at your fears squarely in the eye and blowing it a kiss - that’s freedom. That’s bravery. 
And what else can we be in this constantly explosive world, if not brave? Whether it’s through your fashion, your beauty, or your energy - I hope you find your bravery and your freedom. Better yet, I hope you let it fly out into the world and offer that bravery of being you to the others who need it. 

Kaav Ranj is a poet. She has been previously published by The Alipore Post, Zinedabaad, Collision Literary Magazine, and Cornell University’s Digital Haiku Library among others. Read her pieces on Instagram @kvrnj. 
Kirtna Ranj is a young artist, exploring the world’s heaviest topics with the flick of a pen and some humour. Catch her work on Instagram @krtnart. 

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