Our Most & Least Faev Beauty Trends Through The Decades

While we all like looking back and being nostalgic about the past, there’s definitely a few things that we wish we could bury far, far away. And there are quite a few beauty trends that are a part of that list, not all just some. Here’s a rundown of what my HITS (faev) and MISSES (notfaev) were in the last couple of decades.



The ’80s

FAEV: Crazy Graphic Eyeliner

Liner that goes all around the eyes, tails flicked out more than ever before, and the bold, BRIGHT colours. I’m completely obsessed with the OTT liner trends that are definitely making a comeback!


NOTFAEV: Color-blocking Makeup

The ’80s was an era of ‘anything goes.’ While the strong lips, eyes AND cheeks were definitely making a bold statement in the ’80s and everything screamed extra and SUPER glam, I personally love the more neutral and natural-toned looks! But you do you, fam. 


The ’90s

FAEV: Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyes were all the rage in the ’90s and for good reason!! A pop of colour always helps to brighten any dull day and I absolutely love the way the blue brings out the colour of literally everyone’s eyes.


NOTFAEV: Frosted Lips

Frosted Lips made almost everyone look like they were really cold or they had hypothermia. Kudos to you if you managed to pull this trend off!


The 2000s

FAEV: Glossy Lips

The 2000s remind us all of lip smackers and glittery gloss everywhere. They were a real contrast from the frosted lips of the ’90s. I just love how nothing makes my lips look as luscious and yummy as a good swipe of gloss on my lip colour of the day!


NOTFAEV: ULTRA-thin eyebrows 

The barely-there eyebrows of the 2000s were an overtly popular trend. This trend is definitely a stark contrast to what we see now as beauty enthusiasts everywhere spend so much time filling in and grooming their brows to make them look as thick and full as they can! Personally, I just can’t deal with going through the effort and plucking and picking at my brows every few weeks, so I’m glad this trend isn’t making a come back anytime soooon.


The 2010s:

FAEV: Baking

Is it just me or is baking literally the BEST thing to ever happen to our beauty routines. I’ve never had my under-eyes look brighter or had my concealer stay on for longer and it’s definitely a technique that’s going to stick in my beauty routine for a long, long time! 


NOTFAEV: Insanely Large Lips

Does anyone else remember their IG explore page exploding with pictures of people’s lips swollen to thrice their original size because they were putting cinnamon on them? All that pain just for poutier lips! That was a dark phase and I’m glad people aren’t going crazy lengths (and a lot of times, unsafe) to change what they look like anymore.


Although each one of these looks killed it when they were trending, I'm so grateful for the evolution of beauty through the decades. 

Written by Rishika 


Until next time,
Stay Curious. Stay #freequal.

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