Ever heard about how Hyaluronic Acid is a ‘miracle product’? That it can hold a bazillion times its weight in moisture? That it can plump and tighten and moisturize the F out of your skin? We’re sure you have, go on, admit it.

While many of you might think all these claims are well-founded and true (and they are for the most part) there is one major caveat that most people aren't telling you - hyaluronic acid is only as effective as the product it's layered/mixed with. Confusing? Let us break it down -

So to start - what is hyaluronic acid? Essentially, it's a gel that acts as a water magnet, drawing moisture from its surroundings, and holding up to 1000 times its own weight in water. Sounds awesome right? It is, except for the fact that if applied on dry skin, Hyaluronic acid basically pulls out all the moisture from the deep layers of your already dry skin, further exacerbating the issue! The drier skin resulting from the application of hyaluronic acid onto a dry face makes people think that they just need to apply more of the product, kick-starting a very vicious cycle. Makes sense? Good. 

So does this mean that hyaluronic acid is bad for you? (I know I know, we need to stop shattering your fundamental skincare beliefs, at least the ones that beauty/skincare companies around the world have been peddling for years)

The short answer is NOPE. Hyaluronic acid is truly a very powerful ingredient when used correctly. And how does one do that? It's easy, the product loves moisture, so that's what you need to give it. 

Before applying a hyaluronic acid-rich ingredient, be sure to spritz your face with a generous dose of facial mist/water. Follow up with your hyaluronic acid product, which essentially is now being applied to an environment rich with moisture. So all the humidity the product pulls will be from the facial mist, and not from the deeper layers of your skin. Finally, it's a good idea to seal your HA product with a nice rich moisturizer, which will help the lock in all the benefits HA is going to give your skin! That's it, it's that simple!

TLDR: Don't apply HA to a dry face, it will only make your skin dry-er. Start by spritzing your face with water/facial mist, then apply a HA product, and finally, lock it all in with a nice moisturizer. Say hello to plumper, more moisturized, elastic, supple skin! 

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