7 Commandments of Lipstick Application

1. Start with a clean, smooth lip

    Rub away the dead/rough skin on your lips with an exfoliator. DIY it by mixing vaseline/olive oil with sugar.  Alternatively, rubbing your lips with a NEW toothbrush is the perfect lazy-person alternative to this hack.

    2. Know your lipstick formulas (A guide)

                  Liquid/Matte = Long-lasting but often severely drying

                  Powder matte = Long-lasting and smooth like a powder on your lips

                  Satin/Creme = Less long-lasting but not as drying

                  Lip Gloss = Makes your lipstick look a little yummier

                  Lip Stain = A subtle wash of colour

                  Lip Balm = Hydration Hydration Hydration 

      3. Lip liners are your holy grail

        Lip liners help you define your lips to make them look bigger/smaller/etc - if thats your thing. Who doesn’t want that, right? Pro tip: Lining your lips can also help make your lipstick last an entire night out ;)

        4. Blot, blot, blot between applications

        To make your lipstick long-lasting and matte af, dab your lipstick with tissue paper between applications. 

        5. Powder hack

          Apply a thin layer of baby powder/setting powder with a fluffy brush in between your lipstick application to make it matte + long-lasting. 

          6. Avoid an embarrassing Kodak moment with lipstick on your teeth by cleaning the inside of your lips (illustrate - Lolipop)

          7. Cupid’s bow 

          Use a highlighter to enhance your Cupid’s bow for some extra *oomph* if that's your style 


          8. Bonus Tip

          You don’t need to follow any rules if you don’t want to, you do you, always. 


          That’s about it. You’re welcome. 

          Stay curious. Stay Freequal. 

          Written by: Shalini and Mehak

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          Are you making lipliners now?

          Kavita March 26, 2020

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