6 Eyebrow Tricks You Didn't Know You Needed

I don’t know about you, but I would never go back to an parlour didi that messes up my brows. Even the slightest change to my eyebrows make me look and feel like a completely different person because unlike with hair, I rarely go into the salon wanting a huge and radical change to their shape. The only welcome change I would allow, are the ones that can enhance them and make them look fuller + thicker - that’s my current style/mood at least. 
Since it’s safe to say that I am clearly very passionate about eyebrows… I wrote this open letter to anyone looking for advice/tips on their eyebrows because I've been there too. 
  • If you have sparse eyebrows and want to jump on the naturally feathery brow trend, you need to start using a concoction of castor oil and vitamin E on your eyebrows every night, STAT. Be persistent with this and in a month you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Oh and also, if you deal with “eyebrow/eyelash hair fall” then this DIY will be your saviour too. 
  • Have pears soap and a spoolie lying around? You have got yourself the tools to create the Instagram brows of your dreams, my friend. Just put a few drops of water on the soap and run your spoolie over it to make a thin paste. The paste, when applied on the brows with the spoolie, sets the brow hairs in place acting as a makeshift longlasting eyebrow gel. I knoww right??! You’re welcome! 
  • Another makeup artist hack is to use hairspray on a spoolie and run that through the brows to put them in line for the day. 
  • In case you’re after a filled-in brow, your best bet is to use a brow pencil that’s not too creamy, in a shade that is two shades lighter than your natural brow hair colour for a uber natural looking filled in brow look. 
  • If you want to get up and not worry about your eyebrows you can either accept them as they are or you can opt to microblade your eyebrow. Microblading is all the new rage these days but the verdict is still out on that. 
  • Over tweezed for years and now feel stuck with pencil-thin brows? Don’t fret - you can stimulate more hair growth around your brows by using a small facial razor to shave the baby hair/peach fuzz above and below the area of your brows that you wish were thicker. In a matter of weeks (provided you are consistent with the shaving) you’ll begin to see signs of tiny, new, thicker brow hairs popping up where you shaved. 

I hope this little guide helps all my brow obsessed sista’s and mista’s out there - you’ll know what I mean when I say brows can make or break a look - quite literally. 
Comment below with any questions you might have and I’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP - because I know the race to luscious brows just. cannot. wait. 
Until next time
Stay curious. Stay #Freequal.

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