5 Makeup Trends You Can Learn From @urshaynesss

This week, the very talented Shalini (@urshaynesss), who also happens to head the design and community engagement teams here at FAE, has decoded some of her looks, especially for the FAE community. 

"You know how you started off the quarantine with the unwavering belief that you’re going to teach yourself a new skill during the lockdown period? Well, I'm here to make this easier for all my makeup-loving friends. 
Here are five makeup trends that I think you can teach yourself rn.
PS: If you're curious to know what products I used, follow
the hyperlink to find the specifics of each look.
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Minimalist Statement Liner - Takes a little bit of practice but until then rely on earbuds dipped in makeup remover to clean up the edges. 100% makeup-newbie proof. 

Colourful Mascara - It just looks so elevated! For this, use a coloured liner and apply the liner on top of your mascara. This is an easy (and sometimes a more affordable option) than buying a separate colourful mascara. 


Colourful Smokey Eye - The same technique as a regular smokey eye look, replaced with colourful eyeshadows can make it look like you put WAAAAY more effort into your makeup than you actually did!


Faux Freckles + Smokey Wing - Adding a few freckles on your face is all the not-so-new rage on social media. Focus the freckles on the part of your face that are more likely to develop freckles, this makes it more realistic looking. Pair this with a smokey wing and you’ll be turning heads left and right. 


Coloured Winged Liner - A regular winged eyeliner, but make it colour! Adds that pop of colour without making you look outlandish. 


Hope you found this helpful and learnt something cool. Ciao!" 


Don't forget to follow Shalini @urshaynesss for more incredible makeup content!  That's all for today! 

Until next time, 
Stay Curious. Stay Freequal. 

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Love this post ❤️ Thank you Shay for these tips 😍

Girija July 28, 2020

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