The Signature Gift Box - THE LIP + LASH EDIT

Brash - Dual Brow Gel & Mascara:
Brash Primer:
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What it is: This festive season, give your loved ones (or treat yo'self) to the gift of inclusive beauty products and effective skincare. Shop our collection of limited edition gift boxes - mix and match products to make a combination that fits best for you!

The LIP + LASH EDIT GIFT BOX contains: 

  • One Brash -  2-in-1 brow gel and lengthening mascara
  • One Brash Primer - Basecoat mascara to add intense volume and lenght
  • One Buildable Matte Lipstick - a sheer matte lipstick that can be built up to a desired level of coverage. This lipstick can be used as a lip, cheek, and eye tint
How to use:
BRASH PRIMER is a base coat for your lashes to be used before applying mascara
  • Swirl around the wand inside the tube to ensure it picks up a generous amount of product - more is always better here.
  • Apply Brash Primer to your lashes using the shorter side of the wand, make sure to wiggle gently from root to tip so every one of your lashes are coated with the thick, volumizing formula
  • Wait for 20-30s for the primer to dry, we recommend using this time to admire how long and voluminous your lashes look
  • Apply a mascara - (obviously we recommend BRASH) As many coats as you desire to get the desired level of payoff 
BRASH is a unique, 2-in-1 volumizing mascara and brow filler. One wand, one formula, multiple uses. Here's how to get max impact from BRASH
  • As a mascara, brush the wand through your eyelashes- from root to tip. Once dried, add another coat for extra oomph.
  • As an eyebrow gel, brush the wand through your eyebrows, moving the wand in an upward direction for that Insta famous feathered eyebrow look.

Glaws Gloss - 

  • Step 1: Shake Shake Shakeeee the hell out of your pen. This is important to make sure the glitter in the product is well dispersed for maxx efficacy

  • Step 2: Click Click the back of the pen, and watch GLAWS GLOSS OOZE onto the rollerball. Wait a few seconds between every few clicks to allow the product to actually flow out, or you'll end up as a hot, glossy mess - although we don’t think that would be terrible tbh ;)

  • Step 3: Let's Roll - Roll on the product onto your area of choice, be sure to apply a little bit of pressure as you do so. The formula is THICK, so needs some pressure to get the (roller) ball moving - much like a lot of great things in life. (see what we did there?)



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      Julie Zhimo

      The Festive Gift Box - THE LIP + LASH EDIT

      Perfect gifting option

      This kit is a perfect gifting option to your friends and family. I love the box as I use it to store my makeup. The brash mascara gives voluminous lengthy lashes and the brash primers gives that perfect base coat for lashes . Also Fae beauty lip products are must haves. Highlgy recommend this kit.

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