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    The Stare-Elsewhere T-Shirt Is -  
    100% Cotton 
    Free Size (But Also - Chest: 44"  Length: 29")
    Judgment Repellent 

    PS: For max protection against judgment (aka making your t-shirt last longer) hand wash in cold water, and line dry. Do not iron on top of the print. 


    Ever been told to check your dress/shorts/skirt length. Been told to 'adjust your neckline', been judged for your dying your hair pink, or shaving it all off? Been questioned for your religious, political opinions? The way you identify, or the person you chose to love?

    You're not alone - regardless of who you are and where you come from, most of us are united by the experience of being judged by those around us, especially in public - no matter what part of the country we live in.

    We made this T-shirt to stand in solidarity with anyone that might have been ostracized, criticized, ogled, and stared at (for the way they dress/act/think/speak/identify etc.) We’re sure we can all relate to being subject to the incessant, judgemental stares from people around us for nothing more than simply not conforming to an ideal that's been imposed on us by society. We truly believe that there is beauty in being different and our T-shirt was made for the different. In true Free and Equal fashion (and start-up) style, we’ve made just one, free size in this T-Shirt which gives the wearer the freedom to style it in the way they please and feel comfortable in.   

    The Stare Elsewhere T-Shirt features the statement "Please Direct Your Stares Elsewhere" in multiple Indian languages. The aim here is to almost draw in the stares, making the starer immediately feel awkward/uncomfortable/called out once they read + process what the t-shirt says, thereby driving home the idea to direct their judgment elsewhere - get it?! GOOD. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Cumfy and funny

    Love how soft this was also everywhere I go people stare realize and smile. This is the best

    Punjabi Munda
    Why not written in Punjabi?

    Guess punjabi need no telling cuz we don't stare yo 😎

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