Two Lip Whip Bundle

Lip Whip Shade 1:
Lip Whip Shade 2:
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What is it: Lip Whip is a mousey, rich, 12H long wear liquid matte lipstick that screams comfort. Its smooth, velvety texture ensures you get the benefits of a long-lasting liquid lipstick while feeling so comfortable, you'll forget you have anything on.

Why it’s special: Lip Whip was formulated over 12 months of rigorous R&D to ensure we create a truly unique liquid lipstick product. Considering how crowded the space already is, we wanted to ensure we were bringing something new to the table for our community. Something that actually solved the problem of long-wear lipsticks being excessively drying. To ensure this, Lip Whip is formulated with - 

  • A new, Moisturise Lock technology to prevent your lips from drying out and provide long-lasting coverage
  • Cherry Coffee & Vitamin E - natural antioxidants that protect and nourish the delicate skin of the lips. It also helps with dry chapped and pigmented lips.

What's the shade range like? We’ve done more swatching than we’d like to admit, and sampled and beta-tested the heck out of this range, just to make sure we’re bringing to you the most versatile collection of nudes you can get your hands on. There's something for every skin tone here - from peachy, pinky nudes, to caramelly, chocolatey nudes.

Bang - A Nude Rose Pink
Wet - A Warm Blush Pink
Edge - A Warm Rouge Pink
Screw - A Rosewood Brown
Cherry - A Warm Berry Pink
Cuff - A Cold Nude Brown
Buns - A Cold Mocha Brown
Safeword - A Warm Cinnamon Brown
Nut - A Warm Chocolate Brown
Stroke - A Cold Espresso Brown

How to use: Swirl the wand inside the tube to ensure you are picking up enough product. Use the precise applicator to apply a generous coat of lip whip on your lips and allow it to dry for 60 seconds. Enjoy the comfortable, matte formula and re-apply as needed

Best Before 24 months from date of manufacture


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Loved the formula!

I loved the formula. they have a very lightweight and smooth texture which goes on your lips smoothly. it doesn't have any chemical smell to it, which is a plus point as i am sensitive to fragrances. It doesn't feel heavy on the lips, it's non-sticky and you feel like it's not even there. However, these lip whips are not transferproof and take time to set.

Safeword - A Warm Cinnamon Brown

The name in itself suggests “safe” and Cinnamon gives a very warm vibe. Its true to its name. I am basically somebody who prefers to use brown shades and there is always an anxiety to order online when you haven’t tried the shade. However, this shade has been the best decision that I made with respect to a brown lipstick. So warm and refreshing. Love the color, specially in daytime without any makeup.

Lightweight but doesn’t last

Absolutely love the shades and are super pigmented but you eat a chocolate and the lipstick is gone. Would love to see some changes about that.

Simran Preet
Lightweight and LOVELY

omg guys! i did not expect it to feel so light on my lips, i absolutely love it :D definitely gonna get more of these but we HAVE to go beyond just the nude shades let’s get more shades i’m ready for this!!! super cute packaging i wanna carry it around and the formula is 🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼

Will buy again

worth the hype. these are non drying. gud change from usual liquid lipsticks that crack my lips and flake

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