Three Glaws Gloss Bundle

Gloss Shade 1:
Gloss Shade 2:
Gloss Shade 3:
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What it is: A bundle containing three GLAWS GLOSS in colours of your choice for less $$

Why it’s special:

  • You get two AWESOME multi-use products
  • You save $$
  • You can create a full look with just FAE products

How to use:

GLAWS GLOSS comes in a unique, first-of-its-kind clickable rollerball pen, which means there's a bit of a learning curve with using the product. Here’s how we recommend you go about it:

  • Step 1: Shake Shake Shakeeee the hell out of your pen. This is important to make sure the glitter in the product is well dispersed for maxx efficacy

  • Step 2: Click Click the back of the pen, and watch GLAWS GLOSS OOZE onto the rollerball. Wait a few seconds between every few clicks to allow the product to actually flow out, or you'll end up as a hot, glossy mess - although we don’t think that would be terrible tbh ;)

  • Step 3: Let's Roll - Roll on the product onto your area of choice, be sure to apply a little bit of pressure as you do so. The formula is THICK, so needs some pressure to get the (roller) ball moving - much like a lot of great things in life. (see what we did there?


Best before 24 months from Mfd

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Riya Chouksey

It was purely just awesome i am in love with the product and also the free bees i recieved thankyou FAE BEAUTY 😍

Worst desgin ever

This is truly the most complicated and time wasting design ever.
1. The gloss is too big which seems unrealistic and difficult to carry.
2. There is a clicker at the bottom of the gloss which you have to click several times to push the gloss to the tip.
3. While clicking you have to ensure the gloss pen is held upside down which looks ridiculous if you're in public.
4. The ball at the tip does not roll easily.
5. And the worst thing is, after taking these many efforts the gloss fades away really quickly.

Not sure why the product was made this complicated. It has a simple purpose and i think the design should be as simple as possible. This is just not realistic.

Begging for a product

Can u pls give away one shade of ur product plssss. Cause it's amazzzzzzzzzzin

Bhavneet kaur

Three Glaws Gloss Bundle

vinita pareek
Not brought my prodect

I'm still waiting for my prodect disappointed badly

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