Set of Three Lip Balms

Highly Hydrating. Ultra Comfortable. Spf 20+

    Lip Balm 1:
    Lip Balm 2:
    Lip Balm 3:
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    Set of Three Desi Drink Flavoured Lip Balms


    What is it
    Highly Hydrating. Ultra Comfortable. Spf 20+. Desi Drink Flavored Lip Balms. Literally kiss your chapped, dry, flaky lips goodbye, and say hello to the most pillowy soft, nourished, smooth lips.

    Why it’s special: 

    • You get three lip balms and save $$
    • Our lip balms are loaded with the richest emollients— cocoa butter, rice bran oil, and a plant-based lanolin alternative. We carefully selected each of these ingredients to create a formula that locks in moisture and gives you super-smooth and hydrated lips.

    Here's a breakdown

    • Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter: An excellent emollient and antioxidant. It helps to form a protective layer of hydration to your lips, protecting the loss of moisture 

    • Rice Bran oil: Helps to rejuvenate the sensitive skin around your mouth and softens, moisturizes and nourishes the lips.

    • Petrolatum: Hands down the most effective occlusive agent known today - this ingredients kind of sits on top of the skin and reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) unlike any other ingredient out there

    • Vitamin E:  Moisturises, soothes irritation, protects from sun damage, and even has subtle plumping properties. Truly an ingredient that can do it all.

    • Vitamin C: An ingredient with antioxidizing and mild exfoliating properties to smoothen your lips 

    How to use:
    As a lip balm: Squeeze a pea-sized amount from the tube and glide onto you lips
    As a sleeping mask: Apply a thick layer of balm to your lips before going to bed and allow it to hydrate and nourish your lips overnight!

    Our lip balms come in 8 yummy flavors:
    Mango Bar Bar -Sheer Warm Yellow Balm- This flavor reminds us of sucking on a frosty, mango bar on a hot summer afternoon - a race to slurp up the icy goodness while drops of thick, sweet mango juice trickly down our hands
    Choco Chumma - Sheer Brown Balm- This flavor reminds us of drinking thick, sugary, chocolate milkshakes during long, hot, summer holidays
    Kaafi Kool -Sheer Coffee Brown Balm-  Smells like a refreshing, frothy, milky cold coffee on a sleepy afternoon
    Noice Nimbu -Sheer Jade Green Balm- A tart, chilled lemonade that we would drink by the liter at sports days in school
    Santra Squad -Sheer Popsicle Orange Balm- : The infamous Ganga Jamuna juice at your juice center - a little bit of orange, a little bit of sweet lime, always the perfect combination!
    Roz Rose -Sheer Baby Pink Balm-  A sweet, fragrant rose milk falooda that you would drink at the end of a spicy but satisfying meal
    Soda Paap -Untinted Balm with a Subtle Shimmer-  This flavor reminds us of a frothy, fizzy vanilla ice cream coke float that we would gulp down with a side of burgers and fries
    Real Nariyal -Untinted Balm-  This reminds us of  fresh, sweet coconut water straight out of a coconut sipped leisurely on a balmy beach afternoon 

    Best Before 24 months from the date of manufacture

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Farzana Bai
    Absolutely love it!

    I have been trying to find a good lip balm for ages! And now i finally got it. I bought two of kaafi kool and a santra squad. Both are amazing. This has definitely become a staple for me.

    Nikita Nagare

    Set of Three Lip Balms

    Riaa Thakur

    i absolutely love all three of them, but sodapaap is my favourite. All the formulas are very hydrating and the coffee one has a beautiful tint to it too. Wouldn't go back to any other lipbalm.

    Aisha Shehu

    Set of Three Lip Balms

    Sneha Choudhury
    Products are amazing and best customer support

    The products are very good. No complaints. I would like to give special mention for customer support. Kudos to the team to manage it so nicely

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