Five Tips For First Time Drag Queens | By Dhruv Shah @dhruvshah96

Continue reading to get a few tips and tricks from Dhruv Shah if drag is something you are interested in getting into!

1. Own It - More important than makeup on your skin, is being comfortable in your skin. You are fabulous just the way you are – so act it. Now, let’s get to drag.


2. Highlighter is where the magic is - A drag transformation can be done with something as simple as foundation and a good highlighter. I use the Nykaa Skin Shield foundation with the Nykaa Strobe and Glow Liquid Highlighter. Few things are as fun as glitter and left to my own devices I would apply all of it, if it didn’t make me look like the tin man.


3. Wigs - For a drag artist, costume is key to channelling a character. In drag, wigs are where the magic begins. I purchased my first wig from a costume store in a Mumbai market. I wanted to create more characters and so next I had a wig haul on the internet. There are a myriad of great options and feeling confident in a wig is key to using your physicality to your advantage as a drag artist. Head movements take on new dimensions with a wig.


4. Costume - Initially I felt very uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a dress. After training at acting school I realised that you can only do justice to performing a character if you withdraw judgment on that character. I bought some dresses online and borrowed some from friends. Practising movements in your costume is important before getting on stage or before a shoot. Your garment should feel like your skin, and that’s how you should carry it.


5. Be yourself - Nothing soothes anxiety like a good dose of “Imma be myself, the world can adapt.” Relaxation is an extremely important tool before you perform. It allows you to be in the present moment, wittier and more fabulous. Nothing reads D-R-A-G like a calm, exotic voice. Practice relaxation and practice your drag voice. Let go of your known identity and embrace the character. Allow your inner goddess to take over and watch the magic unravel.

 - Dhruv Shah @dhruvshah96


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